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CMS Wiki is a knowledge base for Content Management Professionals. (cached) refresh print pdf
The CMS Community Wiki is a knowledge base for Content Management Professionals.

Major topics

Using the Wiki

Use WikiWords for creating new pages. UsingCmsWiki has some policies and tips. Unfortunately, increasing spam from anonymous visitors forced us to limit contributers to registered users. Thanks to those anonymous visitors who erased spam when it appeared.

Unlike many websites, we encourage self-promotion and product marketing. The idea is to build a resource for those looking for a CMS and for CmsConsultants and InformationArchitects that can help them select a CMS and implement their website.

In 2004 we founded CM Pros, the community of practice for content management professionals. CM Pros holds Summit meetings around the world where you can meet practicing content managers.


The Information Architects have a community of practice at the Information Architecture Institute.


Technical writers and others interested in structuring their content should join the new DITA Users community. Also see the five companion sites in support of DITA - DITA Blog, DITA Infocenter, DITA News, DITA Tutor, and DITA Wiki.


Consultants can join a support community at CMS Consultants, which offers best practices, blog aggregation, events, RFP and ROI tools, and an international consultant directory.


The CMS Wiki is not the best place to have a discussion on specific points, though comments are allowed on the wiki pages. But this is the place to post the core knowledge that comes out of an exchange you might have on one of the CmsMailingLists, or a forum like cms-forum.org.

"If weblogs are monologs, and news-style forums are dialogues, a wiki is like a catalog of knowledge. Please help to get the best advice for content management into our pages."

You can syndicate one of our professional glossaries and publish it on your website. Here's how.

Recent projects include Memography and the Memetic Web. Here's a memelink for our address in Cambridge to test memography. (MEMO-ZIP-02138-6707).

We also launched a companion taxonomy resources site, TaxoTips, and a Taxonomy glossary.

In 2007 we founded DITA Users, a membership organization helping writers get started with topic-based structured writing. We have built a DitaGlossary here on the CMS Wiki.

Starting in 2008, we are devoting most of our time to a website on philosophy and cosmology called Information Philosopher.

Except where otherwise noted, and where trademarks, logos and artwork clearly do not belong to CMS Review and CMS Forum, this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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