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Baked locked

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Baked is a term of CM jargon that describes pages that have been generated by a CMS, perhaps even generated dynamically, but then moved to a static delivery server, which can serve them at high speed and high volume.

The terms "baked" and "fried"were coined by Ian Kallen when he created Salon.com in 2000.

A baked or static page cannot contain the kind of personalization required for CustomerRelationshipManagement and other interactive services, however some sites use a CMS to publish baked pages that actually contain server-side code, such as ASP, JSP or simple SSIs, which are then parsed on the server to provide dynamic services such as personalization.

See the discussion on Static versus Dynamic Publishing

Bake, Don't Fry, by Aaron Swartz

RT - Fried
USE - Static? ?
VT - Static Publishing

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